1. Place the phone on a flat surface with the screen facing down.
    • Place the phone on a flat surface with the screen facing down.

    • Remove the plastic backplate by pulling up on the bottom of the cover.


  2. Remove the battery by pulling up from the top of the battery.
    • Remove the battery by pulling up from the top of the battery.


    • Remove the two screws midway up the phone on the left and right sides using a T6 Torx Screwdriver.

    • Warning: One screw will have warranty tape covering the screw. Removing this screw will likely void the phones warranty.


    • Flip the phone over so the keyboard faces up.

    • Insert a plastic spudger into the screen where speaker resides.

    • I recommend going from the side. There are two layers to the cover. You need to make sure you get underneath the bottom layer if you plan on reusing this cover.

    • Gently lift up plastic screen cover until screen cover separates from screen.

    • Continue until screen cover is completely removed.


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    • Insert the spudger into the top of the plastic siding on the front of the phone and lift up until the siding lifts up.

    • Slide the tool around the entire perimeter of the phone until the plastic siding is completely removed.


    • The keyboard should slide off of the phone now that the plastic siding has been removed.


    • To detach the screen, there are two screws at the top of the phone to be removed. Use the T6 Torx Screwdriver to remove the screws.

    • There is a gold ribbon on the top left of the phone. Lift up this ribbon gently until it is detached from the phone.

      • Note: When reassembling, the ribbon should be reattached before replacing the top screws.


    • There are two clips on each side of the phone. Insert a plastic spudger between the clips and the screen.

    • Use pressure to unlatch the screen from the clips.

    • Now that these clips have been undone, the screen should lift up easily.


    • Now there are four screws that need to be removed. They are located at the bottom of the phone and can also be removed using a T6 Torx Screwdriver.


    • Now the motherboard will lift up out of the plastic backing of the phone.


    • Flip over the motherboard.

    • There is another torx screw near the middle of the motherboard on the left side.

    • Using the T5 Torx Screwdriver, remove the screw and the metal casing.

      • Note: Distinguish this screw from the others for reassembly purposes.

    • Detach the clip holding the track pad in.


    • Remove the trackpad from the motherboard.

    • Now you are ready to reassemble the phone



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No need to full disassemble the phone. Just remove the back and the battery and unscrew the T5 screw, presto 20 minutes saved.

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