1. Turn the power off and turn the netbook upside down.
    • Turn the power off and turn the netbook upside down.

    • Slide both battery catches together to release the battery.

    • Slide the battery out.

    While there is a fairly long list of tools listed here, I was able to complete the entire guide using only a 3/64" flathead mini screwdriver (the kind you get for $0.99). I replaced the stock 500GB 5400RPM drive with the updated 7200RPM slim drive of the same line with no issues. The BIOS picked it up immediately, and I need only reinstall an OS.

    Tolidano - 返信

    Missing step: remove the two screws under the battery, otherwise the keyboard won’t come off

    Andrea Borgia - 返信

  2. Locate the memory compartment.
    • Locate the memory compartment.


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    • Using a Spudger, push both right and left metal clip to release one of the RAM module.

    • Slide out the RAM module.

    • Do the same with the second RAM module if necessary.


    • Remove the screws as necessary.

      • For top cover removing, only remove the 2 bottom screws.

      • For Keyboard removing, remove all 4 screws.

      • The one short screw paterns to uper left screw hole directly on the PCB.


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    • Use a Plastic Opening Tools to release the top cover.

      • Start from the left side.

      • Go around on the bottom

      • Finish with the right side.

    • The top cover is still connected to the PCB with the touchpad ribbon. Handle it carefully.

    excellent guide. but be careful - it's very easy to broke narrow plastic clip :(

    Marcin Dudek - 返信

    • Carefully slide the top cover to the bottom in order to see the touchpad connector on the PCB.

    • Use a Spudger to slide the conector attachment black part and release the ribbon from the PCB.

    • Now you can remove the top cover


    • Make sure that the two upper screws inside the RAM compartment are removed before to continue. (Refer to Step 5).

    • Remove the keyboard 4 screws on the bottom.

    • Use a Plastic Opening Tools to release the keyboard clips on the left and right side.

    There are two very small screws inside the battery compartment which hold the top edge of the keyboard. These must also be removed.

    Ray James - 返信

    • At this step, the keyboard is still maintained with double-sided tape between the keyboard underside and the metallic PCB protector.

    • Carefully slide a Spudger between the keyboard underside and the metallic PCB protector near the center/right at the bottom. Use the spudger as a lever to release the keyboard from the metallic PCB protector.

    • The keyboard is still connected to the PCB with a ribbon. Handle it carefully.

    Information : you have 2 screws under battery hole which need to be removed too before to release keyboard

    renard - 返信

    • Carefully slide the keyboard to the top in order to see the ribbon connector on the PCB.

    • Use a Spudger to slide the connector attachment black part and release the ribbon from the PCB.

    • Now you can remove the keyboard.


    • Peel off the protective tape at the bottom left corner.

    • Peel off the warranty void at the bottom right corner and remove the screw below.

    • Remove the 6 other screws.


    • Remove the protector plate.


    • Remove the four Phillips #00 screws from the hard drive caddy.

    • Peel off any tape covering the hard drive, there is no need to remove it entirely.


    • Unplug the hard drive by sliding it to the right, toward the USB ports.

    • Remove the hard drive.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I've just upgraded my 1215N HDD using this guide. This is very good step by step guide. A WIndows 10 Pro install managed to wreck the pre-installed HDD.

Like Tolidano , I just used a normal flat head screwdriver and a Philips screwdriver to carry out the HDD swap. I'm now in the process of installing Windows 10 Pro on to the new HDD.

Richard Bijster - 返信

Very good guide! I my case i need to remove 2 screws from the battery compartment to remove the keyboard

gus - 返信

I also had to remove the two (tiny, but phillips #00) screws from the battery compartment.

I actually went further and removed the motherboard to clean the fan. It wasn't too hard thanks to your guide!

Franciozzy - 返信

I, too had to remove the battery compartment screws. Other than that, and that I couldn’t get the keyboard cable out, the replacement went flawlessly.

Guy, Just Some -

Great stuff, swapped original HD for an SSD. Thank you for this!

Steven - 返信

Great guide, swapped original HD for an SSD on this eee pc today. Worked like a charm.

Thank you for these instructions.

Steven - 返信

Work fine!

I just change the HDD with a new SSD of my 1215B laptop.

15 minutes is a little optimistic, 1 hour for newbies.


Corentin - 返信



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