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Mac Consultants Ltd.

Mac Consultants has been serving customers for nearly 18 years–from the home system in your den to a small business with ten employees to complex corporate intranets to entire school districts.

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Our Mission

To provide our clients with unparallel service which exceeds all expectations. Our business is built on integrity. Our Client’s satisfaction is our future!

It’s all about relationships – and People!

We value our relationships with our customers. We understand the powerful synergy that results in really knowing each other well and in partnering to reach goals together. Mac Consultants prides itself in utilizing a customer-centric, pro-active model that insures that you have the correct level, type, and amount of support at all times.

We attribute our success to three things: our devotion to the Mac platform, dedication to service, and commitment to being the most knowledgeable technical resource available to those who enjoy the many advantages of the Mac platform as we do.