iPhone will sync but will not charge

I dropped my iPhone the other day from about 3 feet. This isn't an unusual happening -- I drop it all the time. It's in a Lifeproof case and it's very rugged.

Anyways -- I dropped the phone, checked to make sure it functioned OK, then went on with my daily activities. Plugged it in that night before bed to charge it, heard the cable connect noise, assumed all was good, and went to bed.

Woke up the next morning and noticed that it hadn't charged at all overnight. Funny I thought -- maybe I hadn't plugged the charger in all the way. Upon closer inspection I discovered that when plugging the iPhone in to the wall adapter, the battery icon would change to the 'plug symbol' instead of the usual 'lightning bolt' that displays while charging.

I thought it might be my wall adapter, so I tried USB to the computer. It synced fine, but would not charge. I tried my girlfriends iPhone on my charger and it charged fine. Next I took the back plate off the phone to inspect the dock connector to logic board connection. It's fine -- I disconnected and reconnecting it firmly.

Still won't charge.

Anyone have a clue?

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