Weird problems after possible water damage?

My AC went out in my apartment and it was 85-90 in there. I fell asleep on my phone. Not sure if sweat or overheating caused my problem but here it is...

I woke up and the phone didn't turn on. I plugged it in and nothing so iTunes eventually turned it on. I didn't think anything of it. A day later I was on twitter and it just froze and pix-elated with green lines. After that it would turn on whenever it wanted and freeze after couple minutes of use.

I did a water damage cleaning in 91% alcohol and an electric toothbrush as I used to repair phones in phoenix last year. It did the same thing but no screen problems. It would just turn on and off whenever. Wouldn't respond to chargers or anything.

Saturday it turned on and stayed on for a whole 36 hours. It charged and seemed like nothing was wrong. Then Sunday night while connected to my cd player it went dead again but I had a gray screen and nothing but a gray screen. Force restart wouldn't work this time. I took it apart and did another water damage cleaning in alcohol with the shields off. And after I let it dry I put it back together and it stayed at the Apple logo. I force restarted it again and nothing.

But it will respond to DFU mode in iTunes but won't restore as it stays on "Preparing iPhone for restore then error 1601 but I have a stock firmware on it as I'm factory unlocked.

Please help me. I have no clue what is wrong with this phone and have tried everything. I don't think it's the logic board as it works fine when it wants. Is there still water damage?

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