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Spilled Wine on my MacBook Pro, What Now?

I had a problem with my MacBook Pro... today I split some wine on it.. so stupid; the backlights of the keyboard got screwed!

I turned it upside down over the edge of the bed ... I did that by instinct with my brother yelling at me: shut it down!.. so I did

I cleaned it, kind of let it dried upside down on a towel (to absorb the liquid). Some of the middle lights shine right, but the rest are all opaque, a little wine-color. I think the wine dried but is sticked so rest of the lights seem really low...

I hope my keyboard, trackpad and power button will cointinue to function well, cuz they feel sticky! Everything else seems to be working ok (battery, hd, etc..)

I would like to know if I can clean them key by key.. which scares the @^*& out of me!!… what should I do?

Help please :)


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Hi Myrna, Your question was posted as an answer to the original question by Courtney Spilled on my keyboard now the backlight won't glow?, which makes things a little awkward, but I hope you have read that answer as well. Leave your laptop off if at all possible and remove the battery. If you have not already done so, get on a friend's computer and read through the Electronics Water Damage page. Use the Identify Your Mac page to do exactly that. From there you can find and read the guide for replacing your Logic Board in your particular MacBook Pro. Though you may not need to remove the logic board, that guide should give you some idea of what you are in for if you decide to clean your laptop on your own. Do this right away. Wine has all sorts of sugars, acids, and tannins in it that are rough on electronic connectors particularly when they have electric power running through the circuits. You could be lucky and none of the wine dribbled beyond the key board but the logic board and all of its vulnerable little connectors is just below the key board. Have an electronic repair person or an electronics savvy friend get in there and do a clean up very soon or do it your self. Good luck.


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Please give us the last three figures of your serial number (located in the battery compartment) so we can identify which machine you have and get you to the correct guides. Small liquid spills may not reach the logic board and you may be safe there. After you have removed the top case and dried it really well, you can do some further testing. Usually the keyboard will have shorted out and the topcase or keyboard will have to be replaced. Symptoms include multiple letters when typing and loss of the backlight. You can also test by using and external USB keyboard.


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I spilled drink on my mac book and the computer will not come on what should i do ?


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