My right ear cup stopped working on Bluetooth mode

Hi, this is something that happened to me 3 times already, the first 2 times it started working again by it self, the third time, it didn't. This happened to me while I was going from bluetooth mode to cable mode but forgot to turn off the earphones.

Basically I had the earphones turned on when I introduced the cable to use them with my laptop (the have some sort of protocol that automatically turns them off once you connect the cable). After I finished using them with my laptop, I wanted to go back on Bluetooth mode in order to use them with my phone, but when I turned them on, only the left earcup started working, I could hear only on that side. I have them balanced but only the left earcup sounds. Not only that but the actual volume control and bass boost control (which are both on the right earcup) kept working perfectly, the only thing is that the right earcup doesn't produce any sound on Bluetooth mode.

When I use them via cable, both earcups work normally as they should. I don't know what to do to fix this issue.

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