Monitor won't turn on at all.


i have a Odyssey Neo G9, which is defective since quite some time. It does not turn on at all. The power LED blinks every 10sec or so very shortly.

I recently began to repair it. I have fixed one component on the mainboard, but sadly it does not seem to be the only broken component. I have circled the swapped component in the Picture. It was causing a short between 20V and GND. That short is now not present anymore.

Block Image

Block Image

However, the next problem is, that the "VDRV" Voltages are not supplied. The power supply defines them as 14.2V. When the mainboard is not connected, i measure 13V. When the mainboard is connected, i measure 0V. However, the pin for "BL On" measures 6V without mainboard, 0V with mainboard. I think this means the mainboard does not give the signal to turn on to the PSU, but ill gladly accept any other explanations for the behavior.

The "VDRV" pins are directly connected to the "VLED" pads near the backlight ribbon cables on the right side of the board. As implied, the backlight power is supplied through the same connector that supplies everything else to the mainboard and i can not test the backlight separate from the mainboard. This is most likely due to the mini LED technology used.

The Joystick for turning the monitor on is working as intended, and all signals get to the board, measured in the bottom left.

This leaves me clueless why the monitor wont turn on and i would appreciate any nudge in the right direction, or any direction for that matter.

Sadly i don't have an Oscilloscope and currently don't have the money to buy one.

Could i have broken something, causing this, by replacing the circled part?

Thank you for any help,

Mattis Brooker

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Did you cause a short when you replaced the component or was it there when you started the replacement process?


@markusnorstroem it was there before i replaced the component. It was the main thing i noticed. Swapping the component seemed to solve that short.


@mattisbrooker Have you checked components near the one you replaced? Seems to me there are some diodes in that circuit. They may have a fault as a result of the 20v-GND short. Any information on the components if the text is readable would help to identify their function


@markusnorstroem You may be on to something. I desoldered the Diode at the bottom right from the part i swapped and it measures no resistance in both directions. It is connected from Ground to the low power side of the voltage regulator, which i don't know what exact voltage it should output. That could've caused the defect of the voltage regulator i swapped in the first place, since it got would've gotten overstressed.

Thank you for your help, i will order a replacement diode and update after testing.


@mattisbrooker Double check that there aren't other faults before turning on. Or at least have backup parts for swapping. Is there an optocoupler in the circuit too then double check that too.