My PS4 (CUH-1215A) won't turn on.

When I pressed the power button it beeps once then it's silent. Similar situation with the eject button. I've bought a new PSU(power supply unit) and it worked. But next time I turned it on doesn't work I've cleaned it, then tapped it, even press the controller PS button and changed power cords just does one beep then nothing. Open the top and bottom cover pressed the power button fan and light doesn't turn on. I was downloading three games at the time and it's not the original hard drive (one of them Seagate hard drives from Walmart). Also I cleaned it out and seen the thermal paste and it needed changing but isn't much. I already looked up online and it said it was overheating but there was little to no dust bunnies. Please help. P.S. I have bought at least three adapters from this site because of roaches and when I plug it in you can hear power flowing. I was thinking of buy a used from the pawn shop and cannibalize it for parts but unsure if it will work.

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