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iPhone 4 still not vibrating after motor replacement?

I noticed that my iphone stopped vibrating alltogether a few days ago, and since have looked for solutions to my problem. I've tried the iBrate - tapping trick with no luck. So i went and ordered a new vibrator motor, which yet again, does not work.

Ive even tried leaving the battery in, with iBrate on the vibration function when replacing the motor and it doesn't even look like its attemting to spin.

I have no idea what to do from here, I'm constantly missing texts and calls at work - so please don't say anything like 'just deal with it' or whatever.



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It looks as though there is a problem in the flex cable. This same cable also connects the volume buttons and the headphone jack.

You can purchase here.

iPhone 4 Headphone Jack

And here is the guide to replacing this. Not any easy task. Especially if you are like me and have BIG hands.

Replace iPhone 4 Headphone Jack

Be careful they snap easily, and lining up the volume buttons SUX.

Good luck.

iPhone 4 (GSM/AT&T) Headphone Jack & Volume Control Cable画像


iPhone 4 (GSM/AT&T) Headphone Jack & Volume Control Cable



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I had the same problem I found that the two contacts on the new motor just needed bending out a little to make better contact on the ribbon cable. Worked for me...


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Alright, so two potential issues, it could be one or the other, or both in my case.


Issue: When you flick the normal/ silent switch up and down, the phone does not display the silent or vibrate picture icon.

Solution: You have a broken flex cable. It's a pain in the butt to replace, but somewhere along the connections the phone has developed a break in the connection.


Issue: Your phone does display the silent or vibrate picture icon when thumbing the normal/ silent switch, but the motor does not seem to work.


A: If it's a bad motor, you can just drop a new one in and tighten down the screws. However, it Could very well be…

B: There's crap jamming the motor from spinning. There's a shiny metal nub, the part that spins on a very tiny axle. Whether it's lint, a stray screw, or perhaps a flex cable poking out where it shouldn't be (as in my case, with a new replacement).

Solution is pretty easy, as you have some play if you don't tighten down both screws for the vibrator motor. Leave them loose, and reposition the motor to allow it space to turn.

C: The contacts on the new/ original motor aren't where they need to be. Bending them down in either case seems to improve contact, but in the case of the replacement motor the two copper connectors were actually duck footed; that is they pointed out, instead of being straight and parallel to one another.

I bent them (gently) and carefully positioned the motor in (B) as the new flex cable around the right side of the headphone jack was jutting into the cavity for the vibrate motor to turn.


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