Replacement screen isn't working, and now neither is the old one

I have experience changing phone screens, but this is my first time with a Pixel. Here's what I did:

  1. Turned phone off before starting.
  2. Warmed bottom of screen with a heat gun
  3. Used suction cup to pull bottom edge
  4. Put card under screen, heating around the edges to loosen all sides
  5. Removed ribbon cable cover, popped cable off
  6. Heated old LCD, removed and transferred touch sensor to new one
  7. Placed camera bracket on new LCD
  8. Plugged ribbon cable in
  9. Booted phone to test

I'm not sure what is going on here. It really shouldn't be rocket surgery. Does the screen need to be fully installed to provide contact to grounding points? I didn't see any damage on the ribbon cable or PCB. Could the fingerprint sensor be causing issues? The ribbon cable clamp broke off on the (cheap) new LCD, but it is held securely in place. The old screen now doesn't show any signs of life when installed either.

Is there anything obvious that can go wrong here? Am I forgetting something?

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