My Surface Pro won't turn on after it's screen freez.

I have bought a Surface pro-4 (4gb ram, 128gb ssd). One day I was watching a movie on it using a external display in one monitor and and doing some other task opening some tabs in browser. Suddenly the screen froze and I could not do anything. So I clicked the power button for a few seconds trying to restart it. But it never turned on. Please suggest me what can i do? I have tried pressing different button combination but nothing seems to work.

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@abdurrahma53232 Have you tried plugging it into a charger?


@andrewsawesome Yes, I have tried plugging it into a charger but still nothing. Only the charger port light is turned on. Nothing else.


You might have to do a hard reset. Restarting a Surface Pro 4 or Older

Press and hold the Power button until the screen is off. Release it, then press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds. Continue holding these buttons for the entire 15 seconds even if the screen flashes, turns off, or changes color (shared from Google search).

Are you using the hub? If so you might need to give it a reset:

Reset your Surface Dock

Unplug your Surface Dock from the power connector on the back of the dock.

Reset the dock PSU by unplugging it from the power outlet and waiting 5 seconds.

Reconnect the power connector to the dock, then plug the dock PSU into an electrical outlet.