Why does my sim card only work when I'm charging the phone

So my samsung galaxy a32 (picked the 5g version because the regular one is not on the list) got water damaged recently and since then the screen's been malfunctioning, but also like a week later after the water damage my sim card isn't working anymore, which is even more important for me since i can't make calls anymore. But after I let it dry a bit (40 hours) I found out that the sim card was working and got very happy, only to unplug the phone and realise that it wasn't working no more (again) and only after a few times of plugging it out and back in, I realised that my sim card only works when my phone is charging. Overall the water damage has gotten better and now at least the sim card's working when my phone is charging and the screen's gotten better too. So my question is: should I do something about the sim card only working while my phone's charging (and if I should, then what), or should I just let my phone dry some more?

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