iPhone 5c's screen is flashing on the edges

so if you've not been following the iphone 5c that ive been breathing life into heres the links to this nightmare's past questiONS

SOLVED: get past iPhone disabled, connect to itunes screen, or was I scammed? - iPhone 5c - iFixit

camera in ifixit screen doesn't work - iFixit Meta

(theres more, they aren't relevant to this question tho)

would these have anything to do with my phone bootlooping? its started bootlooping with i replaced the ifixit front camera with a geniune front camera, and nothing recognizes the phone, not even itunes or 3utools


edit it just faded into this weird screen...?

Block Image

(dont mind me using a amiibo box as a trackpad, lol)

it stopped bootlooping, but uh now the edges of the screen are glitching

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