Messages and G-mail not working

I live in an area where I only have wifi and no cell service so I have to use wifi calling. Currently I'm connected to wifi with full service but it says I can only make emergency calls. Texts are not going through but literally everything else works fine on my phone, including Google and Gmail. This morning I tried to email someone for help, but it kept telling me my email was blocked. I tried different contacts too. I've already restarted my phone and disconnected and reconnected wifi and wifi calling. I'm not sure what else to try, thank you!

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Is your internet provided through T-Mobile, or is it through another ISP?


@jmehnert I'm not sure, we have Starlink


@El09 Do you have any other WiFi enabled devices that you can test with? Maybe a computer or a tablet?


@jmehnert Yeah everything else works fine except my phone