water leaks into the drum

I have the LG WM3997hwa and water leaks into the drum after I do a load. It's probably 2 or more cups. I also cannot get to the back of it. Is there anything I can do?

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Hi @crystalp333,

Try to find out which water inlet valve may be the problem.

At the end of a load, turn off the water faucets that supply the washer, one at a time and check if water still enters the machine i.e. first turn off the cold faucet and if there is no water entering then the next time you do a load of washing turn off the hot water faucet and check.

Does it only leak at the completion of a wash load or even if the machine is not being used?

Please elaborate on what you mean that you can't get to the back of it? Is the machine built in?