Motor is making a Wha Wha Wha noise

The noise is definitely coming from the motor and the frequency of the wha wha noise increases with increased fan speed.

Is there a replacement motor available?

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I also have this issue and it seems to be a motor starting to fail. Unfortunately I can't locate a replacement motor for a perfectly good unit. I, not thinking they wouldn't have replacement parts have left mine on high for a year to help with our extremely poor air quality with forest fires. 😢


@fisherofmen and Mike Stout have you checked to see if this is not a fan issue? Any build up of any "debris" on it? I am really sorry to hear about your forest fires....


Yes, I've completely disassembled the unit to the fan to clean it and check the fan for damage or unbalance.


@Mike Stout

Post an image of the compliance plate that is on the motor. Perhaps that may help to find a replacement.

Here's how iFixitでの質問に画像を追加する方法 is done in ifixit

Also, if you haven't already done so, try and contact Winix and ask if replacements are even available


Mines doing the same thing, I tried getting some lithium into the bearings but I think they may be sealed as pushing it into the shaft space didn't seem to do anything