What the meaning of the 'normal' cycle button flashing indicates?

Any idea what the meaning of the 'normal' cycle button flashing indicates? Also when I press that button the cancel button will also flash. It will try to do a drain cycle but quits after a few seconds?

Update (12/01/2022)

So I disconnected power and the ribbon cable to the board. Reassembled and was able to run a normal cycle as it should work. All seems ok. Thanks for the help

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Hi @justinweber3,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?


This is the Quiet Partner II. DUL240


Hi @justinweber3

Try resetting the dishwasher and check if that resolves the problem.

Here's a link that has worked for others.

Flashing Lights on Control Panel

Note : reading some of the comments below the answer, if it didn't work some had to try it more than once but then it did


Sure. I tried all that, cycling power and the reset. Didnt clear it out. Does anyone have a printout of error codes/diagnostic sheet so I can just get to the root of the problem possibly?