Low battery warning with new battery - voltage is good

Megane 2, 2008 had a voltage regulation issue. Alternator was outputing voltage too high (15.5V). This has also destroyed the battery.

Now both alternator and car battery are new but I keep getting low battery warning after already driving for 15-30 minutes.

Voltage on the cold battery is over 12.5V (was 12.85V when I last checked) and while car is working and low battery light is on it mesures between 13.5V - 14.6V (without pressing gas). When pushing the pedal it is always above 14V but never over 15V.

So everything looks OK so I am assuming that car computer is getting wrong voltage info for some reason? Any ideas?


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@stgwe what does that battery warning look like? Does it not give you a warning for a low battery on the keycard as well? Just making sure we are not mixing things up :-)


Hi, no, nothing on the keycard. Just a battery warning light on the dashboard.


@stgwe what I meant was then if your keycard battery is low, your vehicle will also display the battery message ;-)


CR2025 3V battery in the keycard mesures 3.04V. I did replace it with another coin battery that mesures 3.11V, however I don't think 3.04V should already be an issue.


@stgwe absolutely right, that should not be an issue. Thank you and just wanted to make sure before digging through the manual for the "real" battery issue