iPad exits recovery mode when it is about to restore

Guys help me please.I was using my iPad and then it is closed all off sudden.It opened itself and then again closed.After that i decided to use iTunes.First i deleted software and then downloaded software again.It worked around like a week but ipads perfomance was very low.After that it did shut down again.When i try to open it i see apple logo appears , waits on the screen like 5,6 seconds and the it shut downs.Immediatly after it starts to do it again.It is in infinite loop.I open iTunes ,plugging the cable to pc and clicking restore.There is a blue bar and it takes around 3 mins to be %100(it is less than 15 mins so it cant be causing of recovery modes last time)by the way my ipad is in recovery mode when i do them.After that my ipad exits recovery mode , goes to black screen 2 secs and enters recovery mode but iTunes says error(4013).It always happens , please someone help me.Thanks;(

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