My trackpad started to acting crazy, like blinking to other place.

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@danj hey dan,

I also have problem with SMC after I run diagnostics

I have a question here, you said that "SMC issues tend to be liquid spills where the logic board has gotten wet or the trackpad" and here my trackpad started to acting crazy, like blinking to other place when i place my finger to go to what direction I want, and after I restart my mac, suddenly become super laggy and also have loud fan, and obviously the trackpad still acting like crazy, so what if i try to replace my trackpad? Will it solve my problem? I just don't wan't my mac so laggy

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Alfarisi - Knowing the error would help!

Your systems lagginess is expected when SMC encounters a major defect in one or more of its sensors! SMC goes into CPU Safe Mode slowing the CPU's clocking quite extensively which can be what you are seeing with the trackpad.

Did you get your system wet? Is your system the same as this question or different? Please give us the error message.


@danj No, my system not wet, i use mac a1466 and error message was PMF006 and PPN001


@Alfarisi Nugraha - In that case let’s get a better view of things, I'm thinking your battery made be the issue. Install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see iFixitでの質問に画像を追加する方法


@danj Hy Dan, i already upload my battery status from CoconutBattery that you suggest, from the look of it it seem good and no problem with that, i also already change my battery almost two years ago


@Alfarisi Nugraha - Aha! You've already replaced the battery Good! The next test is looking at the thermal sensors to see which one is not working correctly. Install TG Pro it will allow you to see the systems sensors. You'll need to alter the window size to get all of the sensors to fit your screen) take a screen snapshot of the sensors and fans (make sure to get all of them you may need to slide the window down for a second snapshot and post it here for us to see.