Had 2017 Forte at KIA service twice and they don't know what is wrong

Sporatically car check engine light will come on solid and begin to run rough. Will loose power and RPM will reve up to 4 or 5. May run this way several miles or just work itself and check engine light will go off. May do again or may not for couple of weeks. Nothing shows under codes. Been to KIA service twice and can't find what is wrong.

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Dealers have their own proprietary scantool to read and program electronics so this is a mystery why they cannot see stored error codes. They should be able to retrieve history codes when the cel turns off. Generic readers cannot read history, chassis, network and wrench codes. If possible, the next time the cel turns on, stop by Autozone or other auto store providing free reading of error codes from the cel. Leave the engine running before asking for someone to decode stored errors. Shutting off the engine then restarting may reset errors right when a reader is available.