Distinguishing between faulty tcon or display? LG OLED65C8

Model - lg oled65c8pua

As the titles suggest, is there a good way to distinguish between them?

So far I tried a replacement PSU and mainboard on this TV to no avail.


Vertical Green line was a little haze (Photo below) .

TV stays on for max a minute or doing anything on the TV, relay can be heard opening the circuit.

Block Image

Things done or will do:

Changing power supply board and mainboard made no difference to symptoms above.

Reconnected all cables and cleaned all ribbon cables.

I do have a replacement tcon board in the mail (That was the first part I ordered but I received a broken one, the company I ordered it from finally sent a replacement my way but with slowest shipping possible to an island I am at, so it will be a while to get that).

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