Distinguishing between faulty tcon or display? LG OLED65C8

Model - lg oled65c8pua

As the titles suggest, is there a good way to distinguish between them?

So far I tried a replacement PSU and mainboard on this TV to no avail.


Vertical Green line was a little haze (Photo below) .

TV stays on for max a minute or doing anything on the TV, relay can be heard opening the circuit.

Block Image

Things done or will do:

Changing power supply board and mainboard made no difference to symptoms above.

Reconnected all cables and cleaned all ribbon cables.

I do have a replacement tcon board in the mail (That was the first part I ordered but I received a broken one, the company I ordered it from finally sent a replacement my way but with slowest shipping possible to an island I am at, so it will be a while to get that).

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Hi. Just wanted to see if the tcon board fixed the issue. My LG OLED c9 flashed green and won’t turn on anymore. Order a new power supply and it didn’t fix the issue.


@watanegui while we are waiting to see if @fixss was lucky with a new T-con board, let us know more about your TV. What is the exact complete model number for your TV? What flashes green? Besides replacing the board, what have you checked? Does the Power LED give you a blink code when you try to turn your TV on?