eventually the backlight would only stay on for minutes

Did anyone hear find a resolution? It concerns me that someone discovered that the LEDS were NOT the problem because that was my next purchase.

Initially I had the same symptoms as the OP, The tv would work for an hour then the backlight would shut off, then eventually the backlight would only stay on for minutes at a time. Sound always works fine & I can see the menu with a flashlight.

My steps so far:

  1. Shopjimmy didn't have a replacement power supply board but sold me a PS board repair kit that consisted of 10 IC's, fuses, etc. That didn't fix the issue so I purchased two new rubycon 450v 82uf Capacitors off digikey (the biggest caps on PS board). That didn't fix it either. All 19 capacitors look fine btw.
  2. Purchased a replacement power supply board off ebay . Tv again works backlight and all but after 20 minutes or so the backlight turns off.
  3. I Have not yet completely disassembled the tv cause I need to buy suction cups and an LED tester but through the back of the tv the leds appear to all be working (at least until they all turn off).
  4. I'm Concerned about spending another $120 on suction cups, leds, & an LED tester since I have already had to buy a digital microscope and other tools and others have said the LEDS are NOT the problem.
  5. I Too have the green LED (LD701) on the back of the power supply board that flashes 4 times once the backlights turn off. Somebody somewhere has to know what this means?
  6. The service manual makes no mention of it unfortunately. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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