Power LED white but there is no picture

Lg 32lw5500-zeIn stand by bright ice red, when I press power on, the ice glows white after two seconds and continues to glow white. But there's no picture.

When I leave it like that after an hour or two, and sometimes after 48 hours, there's a picture.

Can I have your advice, please



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Mirko Markovljev just to clarify. The Power LED is red. You press power on and the power LED turns white but you have no picture. Is this correct?

Do you have sound? Have you connected anything to the TV (something like Satellite, Cable or even a game console)? It does sound like a bad main board but we would have to see what you see. Post some good pictures of your circuit boards with your QUESTION. Use this guide iFixitでの質問に画像を追加する方法