No power after SD card replacement

Hey guys so this is now the second time I’ve run into this problem with the same camera. Camera was purchased broken for parts not work for an SD card slot damage so I pulled it apart swapped the piece reassembled and camera powered on but no display and as reader didn’t work. Took it apart reseated everything then to no power on. Replaced the main board camera powered on completely fine except the screen did not work and the sad card didn’t work. I used it as a webcam so it didn’t bother me. Well I tackled the camera again today and took it apart re assembled it again display came back but had weird distortion still as cars reader was no good. Reseated that cable and now the camera is no power on. Has anyone run into this before? I don’t really feel like getting another board for this camera but will if I must or if there are any common shorts on the board to check for since I now have 2 boards that both do not power on.

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