Question about unlocking device

I have a new S20 Fe thats locked to cricket and I would like to get it carrier unlocked. I know that there are unlocking services but my problem is that the phone does not prompt for an unlock code when entering a new SIM card, instead it asks to log into cricket account. This seems like a software restriction so I am wondering if I were to flash the device to a stock Galaxy S20 FE firmware, would it remove this restriction so I can pay a 3rd part to unlock it and enter the code?

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Have you been using this phone on the Cricket network for at least 6 months?


@andrewsawesome No, its not been 6 months and I don’t plan on using it on cricket thats why I want to unlock it


@cabutcher99 There is no unlock code for this device. This device uses a different method of Carrier Locking.