Is it common/reason for a left open and unwrapped filter to not work?

I have a question about the filters themselves (GE XWFE, in this case):

It was time to replace our fridge water filter and I got as far as unwrapping the new filter but got distracted and left it out on my kitchen desk for several weeks. When I finally got around to replacing the filter, the new (opened for several weeks) filter didn't work. No water flowing, no sound of water flowing, no hammering ... just nothing.

So then I tried another new filter from the same box as the previous not-working filter. This filter worked.

My question: Just wondering if unwrapping the filter and leaving it out for several weeks would have anything to do with the fact that it didn't work?

p.s. the new filters were purchased from GE Appliance Parts.

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Don't know but was wondering what happens if you try the "faulty" filter once more and check if it still doesn't work?