replace Stoves Richmond 1100 induction hob


II have a 5 year old Stoves Richmond oven with induction hob. The induction hob has developed an error (bottom left plate comes up E R 2 and continually beeps - the control doesn’t work).

I have a new induction unit (the whole thing, all 5 plates and electronics etc) but am struggling to get the old unit out. the manufacturer are saying it needs to be repaired by them!

can anyone help with instructions for getting to the old induction unit?


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thanks. it’s a similar model and tried following this service manual on Saturday but didn’t give the the access I needed to get to the induction unit. the full model number from the rating plate is ST RICH 1100Ei. number: 444441652

its branded stoves but know they make belling cookers as well



Here’s the service manual for a Richmond 1100 DF model.

Hopefully this is of some help.


thanks mate but thats the dual fuel. its the electric induction hob I'm having problems with. I can't find anything online



What is the full model number of the stove? Is it a BR1100Ei perhaps?

If so here's a guide for a Glen Dimplex 1100e which may help.

This link has a schematic for a Richmond 1100e (see p.63) which may also come in handy if you want to check the internal wiring etc.

Belling is a brand used by the Glen Dimplex group.