Replacement Logic Board Still Won't Power Up/On?

I replaced both the battery and the logic board (twice), but my iPhone 5c still won’t power up. Aside from human error; on My part, what else could be the problem? Since I replaced the logic board twice I am assuming the logic board is no longer the problem. Having said that I had to buy from a source I was not familiar with. Are there any other parts that could cause this problem? Again, I am open to human error on My part, but I did want to ask.

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Have you tried to replace the display?


First, thank You for responding so quickly. And, sadly Yes I did replace it. I know the 5c will be completely obsolete in a few months, but I am usually really good when it comes to hardware repairs. This has become an embarrassment to Me. But, yes I did replace the display. Rob@andrewsawesome


Are you getting any signs of life such as sounds/vibrations/backlight but no picture? Also when the backlight filter blows put it makes it really dark but if you put a flash light to the screen you should be able to see some picture.


@Candido Ortiz First, thank You for getting back to Me. Unfortunately no I do not get any sign of life.

I purchased the replacement logic board from Do You know anything about them? I don't want to point the finger at the company who I bought logic board from. But, I do want to double check and try to determine if I may have a defective board since it's been My experience when the device won't power up/on it's almost always a bad board.

Look forward to Your thoughts, and thank You again for your time.