XS Max won’t swipe

So I bought the phone use with a cracked screen I tried a different screen at first it does work but then when I try to put on a different screen because it stopped working after a day as far as a swipe. I tried another screen and sometimes it was on and off even show a picture of what should I do?

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What quality replacement screen did you get for the device? An OEM original or a third-party aftermarket screen?


I got it from a part store unsure


@deethenia Did you put the new screen on yourself or was it done at the store? Double check that all the connector sockets and connectors are clean and fitted properly with all the shields on, and also make sure the flex cables aren't being caught between the frame and screen, which can cause this kind of issue some times. You could also take it in to the part store and depending on how they operate they may be able to test another screen on the device to see if the part is the issue or not.


I put the screen on myself what is a safe way to clean the connectors itself? and I’m deathly gonna look out for making sure the screen cables aren’t caught.


Simply using some electronics-safe cleaning solution(isopropyl alcohol is my go-to) on a cotton swab and rub the heck out of it. Make sure all the gold is as shiny as can be and that theres no dust or lint or dirt or anything in the connector sockets or the ledge the screen will sit on in the frame. If you do all of this and the issue is still persisting then the replacement part may be faulty or low-quality aftermarket.