Model M8407 / 550 or 667 MHz G4 processor

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2 discs stuck in drive

I did not know a disc was in the drive and inserted a second disc ( very dumb).

Mayer you have helped me in the past with my titanuim problems ( broken hinge)

the titanium went to sleep when the disc went in. I does not respond. So i cannot try f12 ( eject)


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OK here is one for the books! we had a power fialure and my Titanium "cured itself" First the mac went from sleep to normal battery recharging. I opened it and it started up ....showed a blank disc was in and I ejected it!

Now i still do not know IF a disc is still in the drive. I am a little "gun shy" to mess with it.....should I try the key commands?



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If you try to insert a second disk into the dive, you should meet resistance if another one is still in there. If it slides right in you are OK. If you hit something restart holding down the mouse button and it should eject.


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Key commands will not harm your machine. You can also use an external optical drive or hook it up in Target mode to another Power PC machine to install your Wacom software. You can also possibly download the software and install it. Or put it on a flash drive on another Mac and install from that.



Couple of options to try:

1) Reboot system and hold down the trackpad button (under the track-pad) during boot-up this should cause the drive to eject anything still left in the drive...

Option 2 (Not sure if it will work on the older G4's)

Eject a disc with Open Firmware commands

Follow these steps:

Restart the computer.

Immediately after the startup sound, press and hold the key combination Command-Option-O-F.

Release the keys when you see a white screen that says "Welcome to Open Firmware."

At the prompt, type: eject cd

Press Return, then wait a few seconds. The disc drive should eject any disc that is present, and "ok" appears behind your command when the action is complete.

Type: mac-boot

Press Return.

Hope this helps :)


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The only thing that bothers me is when i last inserted a blank disc the Titanium immediately went to sleep (Black screen) ...could/would not wake it up. It's a a 11 year old Mac (in PC years it's older than me) with a broken Hinge and Maybe a ka-put optical drive.(can't tell) Will using the Key commands effect anything if there is NO second Dics (I am missing the CD for my Wacom tablet)



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