The Nokia E63 is a quad-band GSM that includes UMTS support. Is is released in 2008.

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My phone doesn't give display

my phone starts but doesn't give display

what should i do?

it is working but nothing to dispaly i can't see anything


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I do not mean to bump anybody's answer here ;-). I do agree with Jake Devincenzi and pollytintop. It does sound like your display is in need of replacement. I do have the level 1-4 service manual for your phone model and you can download Level 1&2 from here and Level 3&4 from here There are a few things that you can check, see the attached flowsheet.


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Hey Nadeem, unfortunately we don't have any guides for your device, yet. It sounds like your display assembly is either broken or disconnected. The best thing to do, first, is to see if it is still under warranty. Getting the manufacturer to fix it is a lot easier and cheaper than trying it yourself. If not, you can try replacing the display assembly, yourself, if you can find a replacement part online. Check out some of our other guides for ideas of how to get to the display assembly, then just take your time and see what you can figure out.

Also, we always appreciate new guides, so if you feel so inclined, you are more than welcome to create a guide for how to replace the display assembly while you are doing it. We'd be more than happy to help you out with feedback and suggestions!

Hope this helps. Good luck!


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コメント: this is a e61 but they look physically similar, hope this helps to open the phone. Sounds like the LCD is the problem as you have no display.





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