Ipad Air 3 not recognized on computer after screen replacement



I recently broke the screen on my Ipad Air 3 and ordered a new one with decent quality. There were not many videos out there for this particular model, but I managed to change it according to a youtube video for another model, similar to this one. One major exception is that I could not disconnect the battery on this one without removing the logic board. Or using a battery blocker which I did not have. Anyway, the Ipad is completely dead now. Tried every trick in the book, with regards to resetting and so on. The screen is completely dead and Ipad is not recognized by any pc. Only sign of perhaps some life is that the motherboard gets a bit warm during charging. It looks like something is fried and that micro-soldering is the solution, but this is way over my head. Anyone with similar experiences? I guess the fact that the device is not recognized by the pc means that it is something with the hardware`?


Update : Both diodes on backlight circuit are blown, but I dont see that this should cause no boot? There is no short on this line after diode testing.

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