Water is not flowing into correct detergent dispenser compartment

Hello, my model number is 110.458772400. Problem is, when the washer starts a wash cycle, the water flows into the fabric softener compartment instead of the detergent compartment. We’ve had the motor replaced that controls the dispenser actuator and lever. I’ve seen the inner workings of these devices when the repair tech removed the top of the machine. It looks like there’s a dial that points to Roman numeral numbers as it goes thru various cycles. It appears that function is not working correctly anymore. I blame the tech for not testing all this.

However, we’d like to see if we can troubleshoot this ourselves, and we just need to understand how to reset the lever/actuator so it’s pointing at the right number at the right time in a cycle. I have not been able to find anything on the internet (still looking) to get some info on how this function works. It seems simple enough to move the pointer arm so it’s pointing to the right number, but we want to be careful not to do something wrong.

Can you offer any insight? or point me to where I can find some technical notes on how this function is supposed to work and how to fix it?


Jeanne Murphy

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