No power - lights did flicker but are now dead. Behringer fbq800

I’ve had this EQ unit for about 2 years and 4 months. Around the 2 year mark I noticed it starting to send a loud humming noise to my stereo speakers wherever the EQ was powered-up; after a few minutes the hum would subside and be replaced by silence or whatever I had as the input.

Since then the hum had been getting louder till my speakers eventually stopped outputting audio and the lights on the EQ box started to dim and flicker. This lasted over a month till days later the EQ box was dead. I tested the power supply and it was outputting around 2V. I’ve brought multiple power supplys since and none have worked - but 1 did mange to give life to a few front lights, but no hum/audio.

Did both the EQ and power supply die out at the same time? Or has the dying power supply done damage to the EQ?

I have no clue but I’ve looked online and I can’t fine anyone with a similar issue or guide to this box. Please help. I’d rather replace parts than bin the thing.

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