no power when key is off radio doesn't work - RESOLVED

07 chrysler T and C 3.8L

Will start and drive.

Theft light flashes but does not stall . No power to the radio. No power when key is off. Clicker doesn't work. It has to be running/started to have power to the power outlets dash interior lights locks ect?

Only one fuse box in front of van under the hood.

230k miles

Fues ? Relay?battery? Alternator? Cm? Tipm?

Update (10/24/2020)

So it was a pain to find the symptoms online together to diagnose it. But thankfully just a blown IOD fuse. Replaced it and tada it works. Driven over 150 miles today and it's still good. I think the brake light the shorted might have been the reason who knows.

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