Need pinout for the Power+Volume switch pads on the mainboard

I’m trying to recover data off of an old 4th Generation iPod touch motherboard by jailbreaking it and pulling data off using afc2. I can verify that it powers on if I plug it into a PC and let the battery charge (it makes the “charger connected” sound and detects on the computer as an iPod with a passcode), but on the device I was given the case is severely dented and bent (along with the entire front glass/LCD/ditigizer assembly being missing), jamming both of the volume buttons and keeping them pressed down. If the power switch were on a different board I could just cut the connections to the volume buttons, but I can’t do that and I’m having an incredibly difficult time tracing the connections. Does anyone know, out of the four pads, which are Vol+, Vol-, Power and Common? Thanks in advance.

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