Help identifying middle mouse button switch on Mad Catz RAT TE


I have mouse Mad CATZ RAT TE and the middle mouse button is faulty. When I press the mouse wheel, it registers multiple presses instead of one. There’s written “Huano” on it, it has two legs from sides and it’s dimensions are: length 9.5mm; width 4.5mm; height approx 4.25mm

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Can you please help me to identify the switch and where can I buy replacement switch? I already tried to contact Mad Catz support, however their response was:

I'm sorry to tell you that the product you have is from the Old Mad Catz. And it's beyond the two-year warranty.

Mad Catz Global Limited is a brand new company with new organization and product lineups.  There's no connection between Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (1989-2017) (Old Mad Catz) and us. For old Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (1989-2017) products, we are sorry that we don’t have right or stock to provide parts or support any replacement actually.

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