My MacBook wont recognize my ssd which was working fine for 2 years.

Suddenly i got a question mark on my laptop screen, as per the forums, i did change my cable but it did not resolve my problem, i have a WD 240 gb ssd, when i go to disk utilities, it is showing only 35 gb generic external hardrive when i mounted the ssd on an external hardrive case, on pressing alt during the reboot it can’t detect the ssd, sure can detect other external drives, but going through internet recovery i can see my external drive , only 35gb and when i try to erase it, it says disk erase failed unable to write to the last block of the device, the drive is connected externally, while connecting it to the new cable internally it is unable to detect it, i am on a midst of an exam week, could somebody help me please thank you.

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