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6.92 out of 8gb usable

I cant use all of my ram please help.

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It’s Windows 10


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Here’s a good write-up on using your systems Resource Monitor: How to use Windows 10's Resource Monitor to track memory usage

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It sounds like it’s being used to run the integrated graphics. These have a Vega 8 GPU+integrated enabled configuration, which is in line with many of these gaming laptops - you don’t need a Vega GPU for Microsoft Word.

Run a game or something that will use the GPU, like GTA V. If it’s all available then, you’re losing RAM to the onboard GPU taking memory from the primary system RAM.

HP locks their BIOSes down pretty far, so you may not be able to reduce the excessive shared video memory *easily*. The HP BIOSes that replicate the business BIOS (with business features disabled) are locked down in terms of adjusting the VRAM, along with the AMI UEFI Reference BIOS. Unless there’s a hidden “advanced BIOS” like there was back in the Legacy BIOS days (which is hard to access), you cannot change it through the BIOS. Give this a shot, but bear in mind it may not work since these are UEFI based and not a Legacy BIOS - plus HP is using the keys for other functions now, so that makes it more obscure how.

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Hi @nick ,

Can't find it online but do you know if there are any options in BIOS for this laptop that allow the user to determine how much RAM the GPU is allocated from system RAM? vga shared memory size etc under Advanced settings perhaps?

I know there's this kind of option with some other brands


@jayeff HP loves to lock 90% of the BIOS features like that, so I doubt it. They must think users are idiots with what they lock out on the HP Consumer machines. I know on the GMA stuff there was more options to change it but I think the PCH dictates what it wants more these days - my machines don't pull more then ~64-128MB on average which is all you really need IMHO - unless you're pushing it with an older IGP compatible game which is when the PCH can call for more. The RAM is mine when the GPU starts up again on dual GPU systems with both video subsystems active, so that's why I went with the game test - I want to see if it says 8GB available until it terminates the GPU and goes back to shared VRAM.

1GB is too much; I agree. Knock that down to 512MB and it can pull more if it's genuinely needed. Are people that aggressive on pushing the shared RAM they lock out 1GB by default?

It would be under the advanced settings with a name to the effect of being part of the onboard video shared RAM, generally.




Maybe this is worth a look if desperate ;-)


@jayeff Probably the only half descent method on a HP.

The newest one I have in desktop form (still in need of a hard drive) is from 2012 with the business style BIOS (p7-1227c) so I THINK it's a shared board with the consumer machine having fewer features and losing the BIOS setting backup option you see a lot on some business systems - I'd need to know what this uses to say if I can work with it. I can check that 15-p and see if there's a way there too, and grab information for both. It's reference AMI skinned.

I generally detest HP consumer hardware for this reason and others. It's 3am here and I need to get to bed - I'll do my best to remember later. The business skin BIOS locks you out from changing it confirmed.

Scratch that - I dropped it in the answer.


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