Replace battery btb socket

Hello guys,

so after an accident I decided to replace the display and had quite few problems with the flex cables. One of them could be reconnected only once (testing new display) and after few trys with pressure (my bad) the flex cable got damaged with the lower pins torn down. The btb socket itself also got a little bit damaged so the upper plastic from the socket who gets the pins from the flex cable in place got damaged. The flex cable doesn't get click into place anymore. But then with a lot of pressure I had a connection and the battery got charged. Because of that I ordered a new flex cable hoping it gets clicked into place again because of having pins where the plastic of the socket is still there . My plan B would be to replace the btb connector but I have no idea where I can get it, it has 2x10 pins which you can see in JerryRigEverything’s Teardown or some others. I’ll try to post a picture of it later and maybe you can tell me it's in a condition where it has not to be replaced. My phone is a ROG Phone 2. Maybe you can help me find the right btb battery 2x10 pins socket.

Kind regards

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