LG Q7+ replaced charge adapter. Touch Screen Unresponsive on wake sinc

As stated above I was having issues with my charging port and bought a new one replacing it just fine. Noticed issues with my touch screen and suspected a hardware issue but troubleshooting leads me to believe it’s software. The touch screen works fine upon starting or restarting the phone and will work fine indefinitely provided the screen does not go to sleep or I put it to sleep. When I press the power button the touch screen is no longer responsive. The phone still functions and the side buttons still work with no issue. This only occurs upon wake.

I have done a hard reset of my phone after backing up my data externally and still have this problem in the exact same way. Making me think there might be some function in the software to prevent non-oem parts? Any direction or advice would be greatly appreciate as I don’t believe replacing the screen will fix this since it works entirely fine before going to sleep.

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