Dell Inspiron 531s desktop computer.

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want o start every thing over

how do i start my computer back to factory setting

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There is no hard reset on a computer. You would have to start of by possibly reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling your OS. Make sure that you have all the drivers and the system disk. Sometimes the HDD is partitioned and has a copy of the OS on the separate partition. The drivers as well as the manual etc are available right here


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Actually there is a hard reset on the Inspiron 531s.

Make sure you have backed up all required data first. I am sorry but I do not like Dell's own Emergency backup.

1. Switch on PC

2. Let the BIOS loading bar fill up

3. Start pressing F8 (Do this a couple of times to make sure it works, overpressing is bad though)

4. Select the first option, Repair My Computer

5. Enter you password and username on the PC

6. The last option should be a Dell Factory Restore

7. Follow the wizard, and the PC will be back to the state it came out from the Factory.


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on #5 it takes me to "other user" not my login, which I don't have and when I put in my info it says

"the specified either does not exist or could not be contacted"


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