have no sound from the TV speakers

I unplugged my Sanyo and still have no sound from the TV speakers

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Hi @ webb.jim ,

What is the model number of the TV?

Has the TV got an earphones socket that you could plug a set of earphones into to check if there is audio there or not?

Have you checked the sound settings in the TV to see if they are set to TV speakers and not to external speakers?

What is the source of the signal, antenna or a "box" of some sort?

If a box have you tried power cycling the box and check if the sound is restored?

If a box is there an option to try a different type of connection to the TV e.g. Component video + audio in lieu of HDMI? If so try that in case it is a HDMI problem or a digital audio problem (component video + audio is an analogue signal and doesn’t use the digital signal processor in the TV).

What else have you tried?