Replaced battery. MacBook now periodically sleeps without warning.

13-inch Mid-2012 MacBook Pro. I replaced the battery with the iFixit kit, and have so far twice gone through the battery recalibration cycle and reset the SMC a few times. However, even when on AC power with a full battery, it will randomly shut itself down. pmset -g log output says:

2020-04-25 16:29:26 +0100 Sleep               Entering DarkWake state due to 'Low Power Sleep': Using AC (Charge:100%)

2020-04-25 16:29:27 +0100 Sleep               Entering Sleep state due to 'Low Power Sleep': Using AC (Charge:100%) 2115 secs

I can’t even think of a sensible explanation for it thinking it’s got low power when the battery is fully charged *and* it’s on AC (unless, say, the battery is inline with the AC feed and somehow failing to meet some required current threshold under heavy usage or something). Aside from the recal and SMC reset processes, I’ve also tried tweaking the energy saver settings to say, “under no circumstances go to sleep”. Settings:

pmset -g

System-wide power settings:

 DestroyFVKeyOnStandby 1

Currently in use:

 standbydelaylow      4200

 standby              1

 womp                 0

 halfdim              1

 hibernatefile        /var/vm/sleepimage

 sms                  1

 networkoversleep     0

 disksleep            0

 standbydelayhigh     4200

 sleep                0 (sleep prevented by sharingd, Arq Agent)

 autopoweroffdelay    14400

 hibernatemode        25

 autopoweroff         1

 ttyskeepawake        1

 displaysleep         180

 highstandbythreshold 50

 acwake               0

 lidwake              1

My next step will probably be to reopen the laptop and check that all the connections are seated correctly. Any other suggestions in the interim greatly appreciated.

Update (04/25/2020)

I had made a tenuous connection between “heavy WiFi use” and the unexpected sleeps; I popped the case this weekend after a surprise power-loss-shutdown, took the battery out, then put it all back together again. So far it’s been up for about 17 hours without rebooting, and has been doing a network backup over much of that time, so I’m inclined to say it might be fixed. [fingers crossed]

Update (04/25/2020)

No luck. Heavy WiFi use (e.g. Time Machine backup) definitely appears to be a trigger. Running the laptop without a power connection when this failure occurs means, effectively, a hard crash: even though I've set it to hibernate in low power situations, it seems that the "power loss" is so sudden that it just turns off instead.

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Did this start when and if you upgraded to Catalina?


Looks like I got Catalina on March 7th, and installed the new battery in April/May, so I don't think Catalina was the trigger.


Hi, I changed the battery on my mid-2012 15" MBP and have exactly the same issue! The old battery has a bloated cell but never had this kind of problem.

So far I had a couple of low power sleeps a day, according to the log (which I'm watching closely for a couple of days now) 2-5 a day.

But about an hour ago it performed a hard reboot while rendering a video.

Also, and I tried this only once, it seems I can't drain the new battery fully without the MBP doing a hard shutdown.

Since you swapped the battery already a few months ago, did you contact iFixit?

I'd suspect the replacement battery, there's no other pattern I can see.

The sleeps also happen when I'm not touching the MBP for hours and let it sit there and idle. So it's not just heavy load which causes this.


I'm not seeing the same pattern as you - sleeps have only happened under high load. If I leave the MBP on its own it doesn't do this. I've also discovered that if I disable the "stay awake" app I've been using (Amphetamine), I don't seem to see the problem - this is reliable enough that I've been able to run backups, something I couldn't do while Amphetamine was enabled. Since I turned off Amphetamine on July 25th I've not had a single incidence of this problem.

I've not contacted iFixit about it.


Thanks for replying, @romac !

Yes it's not the exactly same pattern as you experienced.

But we also don't use the exactly same system.

The kind of the problem is the same, I'd say.

At first it seemed to happen only under heavy load but here that changed.

Unfortunately the hard shutdowns happened again and this - so far - only under heavy load.

A couple of days ago I swapped back the old battery and this particular problem is gone. All is fine, besides the old battery.

So I'll talk to iFixit.

Thanks again!