PS4 Slim won't turn on (No light or beep)

Today I decided to turn on my PS4 slim wanting to play something y'know? I pressed the power button AND... nothing happens. There is no light, no beeps, nothing. I looked at where it was plugged in and it definitely is. I tried 3 other cables of the same type and at different power outlets to no avail. I could hear sparks as I plug it into the console so its definitely getting power, but it refuses to power on or show any life. I used an air duster on it and tried using some troubleshooting steps but there is absolutely nothing from the console. It’s worth mentioning that the console fell off my desk once onto the floor but it was still working fine after.

I opened up the console myself looking at a guide to retrieve the power supply. Once I got a hold of it I opened it to reveal the power supply’s circuit board. The board looks fine, there is no roaches or burn marks anywhere.

Should I order a new power supply, or could it another problem? Thank you!

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