PS4 PRO ADP300CR - where to buy components

so i have a adp300cr power supply here.

-the fuse(t6 3ah/250v) has no continuity.

-the (1)Anode, (2)cathode, (1)Anode of the diode RBQ20BM65A are continious. i guess the diode is bad? i cant find this diode online. can i use an identical diode from another manufacturer? a link would be nice. preferable from europe/germany. if not an explenation on how to look for a similar component wold be nice :)

-source and drain the mosfet STD3N62K3 is shorted. i guess the mosfet is bad?

i guess this is a common problem. is there a another component which could led the components aboce to fail, or will replacing these components will liklyresolve my issue?

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