My Game won't save, issue is not the battery confirmed

I see a lot of great answer’s on these forum’s for fixing a save game issue for my Pokemon Crystal catridge, and followed them to the T and even enlisted the help of my IT professional friend for the soldering of the new battery, but the issue is still occurring even though we went through the trouble of double checking, and evening trying a second new battery. Are there any other issues that can occur that prevent saving outside of Battery issues?

Another piece of perhaps relevant info would be there was the tiniest bit (and I cannot stress the tiny part) of wear on one of the corners of the board. Could it have burned through?

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If the cartridge is the problem, it may be cheaper to buy a new one than to order new parts for it, but it is likely the other way around if it is the Game Boy.


Don't have any other issues with my Gameboy with other games, so definitely on the side of the cartridge. I want to use replacing the whole thing as a last resort, as the classic Pokemon games still run pretty high price wise, so I was just seeing if there were any ideas into what might be another cause that's potentially fixable with a replacement part, or something along those lines.


@forsureshane If the board appears damaged, it is likely that it is damaged. If a component is loose or damaged, it may need re-soldering or replacement. This can be a dangerous procedure, so be careful or take it to a repair professional for the fix.