Sony DSC-W550 camera as digital photo sensor for analog camera.


I have bought a Zorki 10, an old Soviet-era camera with Sputnik aesthetics, which I want want to transform from a fully analogue camera into an analogue camera with a digital photosensor.

I’ve gotten my hands on a cheap Sony Cybershot DSC-W550, not a W510 as the title states (I was not able to pick a W550). I’ve taken it apart, maybe too much.

I was able to shoot pictures with the photosensor only, while the lens was still fully attached but displaced. The lens always zooms in and out, so I wouldn’t have space in my build to keep it that way, so I took the lens apart and I have not been able to shoot with the photosensor again.

When I boot the camera, I can see that the photosensor is working, but I get an error message saying “Turn the power off and on again”, which from what I can see is an error message normally associated with the lens not working properly, which in my case is intentional.

Do any of you know a way to work around this error message, without attaching the lens again?

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